(Pictured below is the boys 400 metre hurdles final)

SCYG Wrap up day 3

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Today was the final day of athletic events for the 2015 Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games.

Australia’s Amy Harding-Delooze pulled of a spectacular finish in her 800 metre races, claiming gold. As she rounded the corner to the final race, she accelerated, passing three of her competitors to finish the race 0.21 seconds in front of Scotland’s Carys McAulay.

“I just had a massive rush of energy in the last straight,” Harding-Delooze said.

All eyes were on the track as the world youth record holder for the 800 metres, Kenya’s Willy Tarbei, competed for the gold. He took an early lead in the race, leading the field with ease. As he reached the final 100 metres, though, his Kenyan teammate, Bett Kipyegon, began to gain on him. The two were neck and neck down the straight, but Tarbei kept a slight enough lead to cross the finish line in gold medal position.

Tarbei had concerns about the hot climate for competition, but said that he was “very happy for these games.”

The Samoan girl’s 4x100 metre relay added another bronze to their medal tally.

Claudia Osborne, who ran the final leg of the relay for Samoa, was surprised but ecstatic about her team’s bronze medal placing.

“I am so happy and grateful to receive a medal in huge things like this,” said Osborne, “I will always continue to play for my country in the future.”

Nigeria and South Africa ended today with the exact same amount of athletics medals. Both countries took home six gold, one silver and three bronze medals. Australia came in behind them with a total medal count of 15 medals, four of which gold.

Congratulations to all who competed at Apia Park in the last three days!