Records Tumble at Micronesian Championships

Monday, 19 December 2005

A total of 19 records were broken at the Micronesian Sub-Regional Championships which were conducted in Saipan on the 14th and 15th of December. The records which were initially set at the inaugural Sub-Regional Championships held in Palau in 2003 are a testiment to how far our athletes in Micronesia have developed in the ensuing 30 months.


Palau's, Ngerak Florencio lead the charge with records in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 400 metres, proving that her time at the Oceania High Performance Training Centre in Auckland is certainly paying off.


Yeeting, Buraieta - Kiribati

Men Triple Jump 13.35m


Riino, Taatia - Kiribati

Women Hammer Throw 28.75m


Andre, Justin - Guam

Men Hammer Throw 47.63m


Florencio, Ngerak - Palau

Women 100 Metre Sprint 12.94


Cooper, Chandis - Female - Palau

Women Discus Throw 29.77m


Peters, Leana - Guam

Women 800 Metre Run 2:31.59


Nawai, Rabangaki - Kiribati

Men Octathlon 4496


Andre, Justin - Guam

Men Shot Put 13.39m


Florencio, Ngerak - Palau

Women 200 Metre Sprint 26.33


Omar, Tyrone - Northern Mariana Islands

Men 200 Metre Sprint 23.00


Peters, Leana - Guam

Women 1500 Metre Run 5:07.97


Cooper, Chandis - Palau

Women Shot Put 10.58m


Saburo, Felicia - Palau

Women Long Jump 4.62m


Low, Cora - Female - Guam

Women 100 Metre Hurdles 17.72


Dillay, Dexter - Northern Mariana Islands

Men 110 Metre Hurdles 17.43


Florencio, Ngerak - Palau

Women 400 Metre Sprint 1:03.53


Antonia, Jay - Guam

Men 10000 Metre Run 38:27.44


Andre, Justin - Guam

Men Discus Throw 40.44m


Yeeting, Buraieta - Kiribati

Men Long Jump 6.30m