Micronesian Championships Wrap-up from Palau

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Maleah "Umerang" Tengadik known as "Um" to her family and friends, at age 23, Umerang of Airai State, daughter of Moana Tangadik, she topped the Micronesian Athletics Championships in Guam with 3 Gold Medals in the Field Events and placed her in the list as one of the Top Record Holders in Palau in the field events.


She has been working hard to achieve the best in this competition. For a first timer in this throw, she threw 9.69m in the Women's Shot Put earning the Gold Medal title, followed by Genie Gerardo of Guam at 9.42m and Corrine Hideos of Palau earning Bronze with a throw of 9.35m. In Women's Discus Throw "Um" threw a final distance of 30.65m to earn the title. While in Women's Hammer Throw Corrine Hideos earned a Silver medal with a throw of 25.94m. In the Women's Javelin Throw Umerang threw her season's best in her career of Javelin Throw at 38.57m.


In the track events and for the first time the invitation 60 Metre Run, Ms. Cyandel Williams at age 12 earned her golden moment to winning the title in the Girl's 60 Metre Sprint by clocking a time of 8.73 seconds beating Lilihna Mihkel of FSM 2nd place and Reylynn Sapong 3rd. She then went on to earn her first medal, a Silver Medal in the Women 400m sprint. And her younger sister Charelle Williams earning a Bronze Medal in Women's 800m Run with a time of 2:51.04 seconds and another Bronze Medal in Women 1500m run with a time of 5:50.95 seconds.


1 Saburo, Felicia Palau 8.25

2 Alicto, Cora Guam 8.48

3 Mihkel, Lilihna FSM 8.68

4 Ikelap, Maria FSM 8.89

5 Iriarte, Irish Guam 8.95


At the same time in the Women's 60 Metre Sprint, Felicia Saburo of Ngchesar State earned her moment of pride in placing First with a time of 8.25 seconds and a Silver Medal in 100 Metre Sprint with a time of 13.08 seconds. While in Women 200 Metre Sprint she earned her Gold Medal title by running her best time of 27.23 seconds beating a top Nauruan sprint athlete, Ms. Rosa-Mystique Jones.


In Women 3k Cross Country Run, Women 3000m Run, Women 100m Hurdles, Women 400m Hurdles, Women's High Jump, Women's Triple Jump, Guam dominated all the medals.


In Women's 4x100m Relay, Palau placed 2nd with a Silver Medal at a time of 55.35 seconds after Guam scooped the Gold title with a time of 53.95 seconds. In the team were Cyandel Williams, Ipolani Kebekol, Felicia Saburo, and Peoria Koshiba.


In the Women's Long Jump, Jacque Wonenberg of Northern Marianas Island earned the 1st place while Guam earned 2nd and 3rd place.



In the Men's competitive battle to glory, Leon Mengloi of Ngaraard State, grandson of Imua Salvador, took charge in the Men's Octathlon multi-event competition, competing with Yondan Namelo from FSM, Tom Aguaon and Rick Lizama both from Guam. Having to competing four events for the two days of the championship, Mengloi made an amazing 1070 points gap from the Silver Medalist, Tom Aguon, Guam, winning the Gold Medal with the of 3952 points. Mengloi had also helped his 4x400m Relay team to earn the Silver Medal with a time of 3:35.58 seconds. In the relay team were Douglas Ray Schmidt, Jr., Christopher Kenty and Amaroy Marino.


The Men's Long Distances, Douglas Ray Schmidt, Jr., son of Ms. Lorie Ann Blau of Angaur, had also dominated in the 3000 Metre Run, the 1500 Metre Run and the 800 Metre Run. Weighing 117 pounds and 5'8" tall, Schmidt made a Personal Best (PB) in the 800 Metre Run with a time of 2:04.74 seconds and also the 3000 Metre Run of a 9:52.35 seconds time.


Although, only running ten seconds slower than his PB in the 1500 Metre Run, he clocked in at 4:30.74 seconds but amazingly, Schmidt had won 3 Gold Medals in these events. And like Mengloi, Schmidt has proven himself to be Palau's top athlete. Schmidt had also anchored Palau's 4x400 Metre Relay placing Silver Medal from the Kiribati Team taking home the Gold Medal.


In the Men's Jumps and Throws Team Kiribati, for the first time in the Micronesia Athletics Championships, dominated in taking 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals back home.


Another top athlete, Christopher "Chris" Kenty son of Kembo and Chioko Kenty of Peleliu State, has been in Guam attending the University of Guam and was able to spark Team Palau on the first day of the MAC when he earned the Gold Medal in the Men's 400 Metre Hurdles Run with a time of 1:00.76 seconds. He also went on to run the 400 Metre Run placing Bronze Medal. Kenty had also contributed to their 4x400 Metre Relay team.


In the Boys 60 Metre Sprint Leevan Manuel earned his spot of glory as he placed first with a PB time of 7.67 seconds, as well as for Desebel Koshiba also clocked 7.67 seconds and then followed by Cynric "BJay" Kebekol, 7.93 seconds and Mario Brel at 8.08 seconds, all 4 boys from Team Palau. Also in the Men 60 Metre Sprint, Palau's top sprinter, Amaroy Marino son of Marino Rechesengel, had also ran a time of 7.40 seconds. Marino went on to finishing the 100 Metre Sprint with a time of 11.82 seconds and came back up to 4th place in the Men's Final 200 Metre Sprint, leaving the Howard brothers from FSM taking Gold and Silver Medals and Tyrone Omar, CNMI, Bronze Medal. Marino was also a member of the 4x400 Metre Relay.


The PTFA athletes were able to achieve such results because of all the support from Sponsors, Donors, Supporters, Parents, and the hard work they all put into their training with the coaches' assistance. PTFA and all the athletes would like to recognize and thank all the sponsors and donors for their generous donations which made it possible for the team to compete well:


1. Koror State Government

2. Elechad ra Ngarablod

3. Palau Pacific Resort

4. Ngara Metal

5. Akitaya Corporation

6. Koror State Youth Council

7. Palau Royal Resort

8. Track Walkers

9. Senator Caleb Otto

10. Palau Canoe Association

11. Lund's Machine Shop

12. Capital Improvement Projects

13. KB Shell Gas Station

14. Aqua Water

15. Taiwan Embassy

16. Best Coffee & Donut House


18. Mr. & Mrs. Marino Rechesengel

19. Ms. Moana Tengadik

20. Ms. Hannah Tesei

21. Ms. Carol Whalen

22. Rechebei "RE" Udui

23. KR FM 88.9

24. T8 AA

25. Palau Horizon

26. Island Times


Once again, a big "Thank You" to all the supporters and donors for your assistance to the team.


Picture: Leon Mengloi - Palau