Palau Pacific Resort Marathon

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Palau Track and Field Association has announced that the Palau Pacific Resort has again agreed to host the PPR Marathon on the 7th April 2007.


Everyone will be expected to pre-register for the event which will commence from Ngardmau for the Marathon and Aimeliik for the Half Marathon. This year's Marathon will differ from last year, in that it will not have hills from Melekeok.


The Local Organising Committee is happy to make rooms reserverations in Palau if you need any assistance. Theyare also looking for Volunteers to assist on the day.


The races to be contested are:


Marathon - starting at Ngardmau - 3.30am

(USD25.00 per runner)


Check in for all other events - 4.00 am - Track & Field Grand Stand:


Half Marathon - starts 5.30am (USD10.00 per runner)

Open Relay - 3.275 miles/runner (USD5.00 per runner)

Youth Relay 3.275 miles/runner (USD2.50 per runner)


Entry forms available by going to Competitions on the left hand side of the main menu of this website: go to Palau Pacific Resort Marathon 2007 -